Spotlight Sundays: Questian Kirk - Hii Key

Kevin L. Cole, Jr.

February 14, 2021


Legacy. The term has grown in popularity within the Culture over the past few years as documentation of racial tension has reached the masses and ushered in a new Black Renaissance that has seen a return to HBCUs, the circulation of the dollar within the Community, and an appreciation wrapped in love for self. 

Throughout our history, we’ve continuously built what we needed for ourselves and passed it down from generation to generation in hopes to provide a better tomorrow for our children. Our institutions, businesses, land, accumulation of family wealth, and knowledge of family history are all examples of legacies; and, although this country has repeatedly lied about, stolen, or burned what we have built for ourselves, the resolve that existed in our parents from the generations before still resides in us.

Creator of the Hii Key podcast Questian Kirk is the embodiment of that resolve. He is one known to possess a deep love for Black people and has sought to help elevate the consciousness of the Community in a way that also works to alleviate some of the traumas that we experience daily, but it took him some time to find out how he would be able to contribute.

As the youngest of his siblings, the Creative had long desired to “lift out of the shadows” of his older siblings - those who are the youngest siblings will understand - through the field of communications and had even flirted with the idea of a radio show centered around sports, but openly admits that he didn’t always have the right amount of motivation needed to commit to the pursuit of his passion. In fact, the spark that led to the creation of Hii Key refused to ignite until a conversation with a friend in regards to a community event that she had created took place.

“I criticized her for not doing the event in a predominantly black neighborhood, but then she asked what I was doing. She was right,” he humbly shares as he recalls the realization that he was no more than a couch quarterback on Sunday at the time. He hadn’t yet earned the right to complain how someone chose to help.

He needed to get involved, but how?

At the time, he worked as a truck driver and mentions how he’d go over ideas in his head as he worked to deliver products to those that needed them. While on one of his rides he thought about how he’d be afforded certain protections that the average black person wouldn’t be in the event of an interaction with an officer while on the road. Not everyone would’ve been afforded the same privileges that he potentially could’ve received if they were pulled over in regular cars. Between the self-reflection due to the conversation, awareness of his job privileges, and the increase in national coverage of countless innocent black children, women, and men that are gunned down by domestic terrorists with or without badges, he conceived the idea for a podcast.

Hii Key was created by Questian with the sole purpose to serve as an enjoyable pro-black platform with various perspectives, with the help of his co-hosts Jones and Lionel, that entertains the audience without the need to politicize every topic. 

Let’s be real, due to the numerous evils that we have faced and continue to face, it is extremely difficult for us to have an outlet that allows us the freedom from the traumas that no other group, respectfully, has been forced to face. Most groups have a number of entertainment outlets that just “are” - not overly wrapped in highly emotional, trauma infused topics that haunt the group - and Hii Key is an outlet that offers that same liberty while it also promotes advice that can help us grow.

Driven by the importance of representation, the Creative uses Hii Key as a way to promote blackness in its entirety with the belief that black thought isn’t monolithic. Questian, along with his co-hosts Jones and Lionel cover a wide range of topics that are based off of current events that can always be tied back into growth. The group’s brilliance is in the way that they give different perspectives of the information that they offer the audience to either take or leave.

Above all Questian hopes to offer a platform that black people of all ages can relate to and inspire the Hii Key audience to aspire toward a life devoted to the pursuit of their passions. He professes that he’s “not the perfect orator,” but he wants to show others, especially the youth, that you shouldn’t wait until you’re perfect to start your dream, “just do it!” He also acknowledges that this is just his dream and not his teams, but looks to pay it forward as the podcast helps to provide the option for his wife to retire early if she chooses to, build a legacy for their family, help Jones and Lionel build their dreams, and keep dope black people in rotation.

Currently the Creative has plans to develop a team of black gamers that will stream on Twitch and other platforms. Plus he and his wife plan to write and produce an anime that is relevant to the black experience. Clearly, the main objective is to produce entertainment that black people can fully relate to without the need to compromise the truth. Questian just wants the audience of his productions to see themselves in his entertainment. As for the Hii Key podcast he'll continue to work on what he can control in order to help the brand grow.

To keep up with the work and other endeavors of Questian and Hii Key follow @questian_kirk and @_hiikey on Instagram and @QuestianCKirk and @HiiKeyPodcast on Twitter. Also, be sure to hit Spotify to keep up with the latest episodes of Hii Key.

“Plans [to do] and doing are two separate things.” You have the power and resolve to accomplish your goals as you pursue your passion. So, what legacy will you leave behind?

Founder of rEvolutionary Arts, Kevin seeks to share stories in hopes to stimulate the minds of those willing to consume his work and provide a platform for like-minded Creatives to do the same. As an engineer by day and an artist for life, he truly believes that we all are wired to create. He’s a lover of HBCUs - with Prairie View A&M University atop the list - coconut oil, and the Culture in its many shapes and forms.